Horse Riding

Exciting beach rides & beautiful countryside
Green hills, goat-tracks, olive groves, beautiful villages and a superb beach to explore Crete on horseback. Saddle up for a unique holiday experience!
Kristy & team - offer exciting beach rides, beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips as well as easy beginner's walks for non-experienced riders.
They daily offer early morning and sunset rides at 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
The stable is located close to the longest sandy beach of Crete, so be ready for some exciting gallops during an advanced beach ride.

for beginners

no experience required, walking speed, guided ride
Every child deserves to get to experience the kind nature of a horse in a safe way.
Parents are more than welcome to walk or ride along.
✓ 30 minutes
✓ 15.00EUR per person

An amazing round-trip exclusively on dirt roads offering fantastic mountain- and sea views.
The best way to experience Cretan countryside!!
✓1 hour
✓ 25.00EUR per Person

The perfect excursion to fall i love with horse-riding!
Mainly over dirt roads and amid olive groves we will make way to the magical Lake of Kournas.
Riding along the turquoise lake is really a very unique way of visiting the only sweet water lake on Crete.
✓ 2 hours
✓40.00EUR per Person

✓ 2 hours
✓99.00EUR for two people

A more challenging beginner's ride which is only possible when the sea is very calm.
Through nature and the village outskirts we will reach the sea.
Unsaddling the horses and getting into bikini-mood is next. Get to experience the unique feeling of floating on a swimming horse!
When the horses and we are dried up, we will head back to the ranch.
Horses do not like waves, so in case of too strong wind, this excursion will be postponed.
Best to book this ride for the beginning of your holidays!

✓ 2.5 hours
✓ 60.00EUR per Person


for intermediate and advanced

indermediate: walking & gentle trotting, 1 year of regular riding experience required
advanced: walking, trotting & slow galloping, 2 years riding experience required and over the age of 12
intermediate & advanced riders will be separate in groups

BEACH RIDE for intermediate
✓ 2 hours
✓ 7 km along the sandy beach
✓47.00EUR per Person
✓ 07.30 - 09.30 or around sunset

BEACH RIDE for advanced
✓ 2 hours
✓ 8 km along the sandy beach
✓50.00EUR per Person
✓ 07.30 - 09.30 or around sunset

BEACH RIDE, private
✓ 2 hours
✓145.00EUR for two people
✓ 07.30 - 09.30 or around sunset
As the beach rides take place on a public beach, beginners will NOT be accepted on the beach rides!
Horses need to remain in line, so it is important you can steer your English-trained horse well during all gaits done in your group.

This is an extended beach ride of 10 km combined with swimming with horses
As we will leave early in the morning, the beach will nearly be empty and the sunshine not so strong, creating excellent riding conditions!
A very welcome refreshment for both riders and horses. The ride itself will be on saddled horses, the swimming will take place on unsaddled horses. Get ready to experience a very unique feeling! Once we and the horses are dried off, we will re-saddle and ride back through the outskirts of Kavros village and countryside.
Book this ride at the beginning of your holiday to reschedule if necessary!
Horses do not like waves, so in case of too strong wind, this excursion will be postponed.
✓ 3 hours
✓85.00EUR per Person
✓ 06.30 - 09:30

Perfect for those who adore riding through the unspoiled Cretan countryside.
Mainly over dirt roads and through olive groves, towards the village of Kournas.
Making our way down to the lake will give us the opportunity to admire its full beauty from a bird’s eye view.
✓ 3 hours
✓75.00EUR per Person
✓ 07.30 - 10.30
✓ July and August at 07.00 - 10.00
✓ softdrinks included

Are you ready for the meet and greet with sheeps and shepherd?
Ride through the unspoiled dirt tracks offering great views through authentic villages, this is Crete in its purest way!
Argiroupolis is well known for its various water springs and lush greenery all year around.
A delicious lunch will be served in a tavern amid the water springs, while our horses will enjoy their lunch and siesta in the shade.
Afterwards, we will go for a little stroll in this unique and lush place before heading to upper Argiroupolis and explore its historical importance.
✓ 6,5 hours
✓149.00EUR per Person
✓ 07.30 - one hour after sunset
✓ lunch included