A day with the shepherd

What does a shepherd do the whole day?
He accompanies the sheep. Is that all he does?
Walk with them? Play the flute? Daydream?
A dream job, indeed!
Have you had these kinds of thoughts when you saw sheep/goats dotted around on the landscape…?

A day with the shepherd is a bucolic excursion in the wild nature of Cretan mountains. You will hike up in a dust path which leads up to the mountain, into a beautiful scenery, where Panoysis, the Shepherd, keeps his herd next to the mitato (bucolic haze stone building without joints).
The landscape is magnificent and the view incredible beautiful. Get in touch with a rule Cretan character and learn more about the life of a shepherd. You will be served a lovely lunch prepared by the shepherd’s wife, Aphrodite before returning to the Enagron Ecotourism village.

Distance: 12 kilometers
Walking hours: 3 ½ hrs both ways
Start: 08:30 in Axos
Return: 15:00
Price: 18€ per person (Meal and guide included)

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