Guided walking tours Crete

Michalis lived most of his life in the big city of Athens, at some point he realized that there is nothing like being in touch with nature.
So he decided to move to the birthplace of his parents where he started to make his dream come true, to make a living by doing what he loves the most, climbing mountains, walking trails and sharing his knowledge and passion for Crete and its history and culture with other people.

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The dive center in Bali offers a great mix of quality training and regular diving where divers can learn and progress at their own pace. The dive center is located in Bali just behind the harbor. The ideal location to reach the sea and various diving spots within a two minutes walk. Whether you are beginner or experienced diver, Angelos and Corinne, the owners of the local Dive Center in Bali (Rethimno - Crete),invite you to discover together the world where life began... the Underwater World.

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Catamaran cruise Crete with Lefteris, the captain of the Catamaran in Bali, is sailing now half of his life.
Due to years of practice, he is very experienced and knows well how to look after his customer's needs.
His sense of humour, knowledge of the sea life and sea conditions will give you the chance to experience a beautiful adventure in the Mediterranean sea.

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Horse Riding

Exciting beach rides & beautiful countryside
Green hills, goat-tracks, olive groves, beautiful villages and a superb beach to explore Crete on the back of the horses a unique holiday experience!
Kristy & team - offer exciting beach rides, beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips as well as easy beginner's walks for non-experienced riders.
They daily program provide an early morning and evening rides at 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
The stable is close to the long sandy beaches of Crete, so be ready for some exciting galloping along the Cretan sea

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painting workshop in Crete

with Marian Pruijn
Marian Pruijn began her training in 1986 at the Vrije Academie in Amsterdam, followed by further studies at the Artez Institute of Arts / Fine Art.
She first traveled to Crete in 1992, curious and in search of Minoan art.
Her interest in the ancient Greece was aroused during her art education. At that time, she studied Magisterium in Nijmegen.
Then she continued her free art studies at the College of Art in Arnhem. Marian is offering painting workshops in Crete since 2012.
Marian says that painting is an intrinsic motivation / the inner need to express herself and teaching art means to find and discover anyone 's individual creative talents.

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