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When buying beauty products people are now looking for more than pretty shades of lipstick or beautifully scented moisturizer. They want cosmetics that have a greater purpose, whether that’s to improve their skin, help with relaxation, or even to improve supply chain sustainability. Ethical shopping is now a growing trend
If you are searching for natural cosmetic and cremes, essential oils, high-quality teas and further sustainability and natural products a visit at the Maravel garden in Spili is a MUST DO during your vacation in Crete
All available products are produced from scratch at the Maravel garden. The garden is offering more than 250 species of herbs and they are categorized accordingly such as: ✓ Aromatic herbs
✓ Medicinal herbs
✓ Aromatic cum medical herbs
When you step into Maravel Garden, you will enter an oasis of herbs. Maravel garden tours offer the perfect way to spend a peaceful moment. A trip to the garden makes a wonderful gift for nature-loving friends and family and a one of a kind experience for you while you’re visiting the Crete Island. I

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