Klados winery

The Klados Winery is a small family business, founded in 1997 and located in the direct neighborhood of Melidoni X Village. Klados Winery is a member of the association Wines of Crete, an association to promote Cretan wine around the world.

The first winery was set up in small rented premises, located on the outskirts of the city of Rethymno, with a production capacity of 20,000 Litres/year, that grew over time. The business was relocated in 2007, in a purpose-built family owned premises, with a capacity of 100.000 Litres/year, in the area of Panormo. The new winery was equipped with modern technology, in both winemaking and bottling, enabling the processing of greater volumes and higher standards of quality.

The winery is surrounded by the new organic vineyard, planted with the famous Rethymnian white grape variety of ''Vidiano''. They are growing, the better known local red varieties of Liatiko and Kotsifali and the noble ones of, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. On whites, they are vinifying the excellent local varieties of Vidiano, Vilana, Plito, Thrapsathiri, Muscat of Spina, and the noble Sauvignon Blanc.

Klados Winery - Red Nest | Varieties Merlot 40, Cabernet Sauvignon 60 | Category Dry |Volume 13% |
A magical blend that results in a balanced wine, with complex aromas of spices, chocolate, coffee and red fruits. In the mouth, very rich body with an intense long-lasting flavour.
Klados Winery - Cretan Blend| Vidiano 20, Plyto 10, Muscat Spinas 50, Thrapsathiri 20 | Category Dry |Volume 12% |
It is a wine with intense floral aromas and attractive notes of citrus. In the mouth, very fresh flavour and strong balance.
Klados Winery - Great Hawk | Muscat Spinas 60, Vidiano 40 | Category Dry |Volume 12.5% |
A magical blend of 2 Cretan varieties created a wine with the flavours of the Cretan land.
Klados Winery - Red Nest Sauvignon Blanc| Sauvignon Blanc 100 | Category Dry |Volume 14% |
The wine is characterized by crispy acidity, complex aroma of exotic fruits, rich taste and intense aftertaste.

The logo of the company, which depicts a hawk on a branch, is inextricably linked with both the Klados family and the wider area around the Klados winery.
The branch is associated with the family, since the family name "klados", derived from an ancient word, refers directly to the branch.
The "Hawk", an imposing and majestic bird, has his habitat around the winery. Also, this bird protects the vineyard by preventing attacks of other birds against the mature grapes.

Wines of Crete, wine tastings on the vineyard
Klados winery has the facilities to receive and entertain visitors, individuals or groups and offering wine tastings on the vineyard. If you a wine enthusiast, or simply a novice, go and spend time with them and enjoy a walk around the vineyard, see they winemaking process technology and share a bite and a glass of wine with them.

Opening hours :
April - October
✓ Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00
✓ Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
visits outside the opening hours on arrangement only
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