Paraschakis olive oil

Paraschakis olive oil factory is a Cretan family business, with a year-long tradition in the production of olive oil. Years of experience and thorough knowledge of olive products are the main characteristics.The Paraschakis olive factory lies around the corner of Melidoni X Village and was found in 1991. The olive factory is producing around 400 tones of olive oil and supporting the local farmers around the area.
The mill uses the centrifugal procession for the separation and the extraction of the olive oil. In addition, the kneading procedure is at temperatures lower than 27 degrees Celsius in order to ensure all the quality features and benefits of the product.The mill has been totally upgraded with new modern and latest technology machines, a fully automated line that can produce a better olive oil!

Olive oil factory free educational tour
The Paraschakis family welcomes visitors and offers them the opportunity to be guided, free of charge, through three different production methods.
1.Manually worked tools with the help of animals
2.Motorised olive oil production, diesel machine
3.Current olive factory, using centrifuge
The visitor also has the opportunity to taste and buy olive oil at the factory
high quality olive oil
cold extraction - extra virgin
no additives
no chemical fertilizers
no preservatives
purchase travel containers, leakproof
Extra virgin olive oil, aviable size 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L

Opening hours olive mill:
Monday – Saturday
10:00 – 18:00 SUNDAY closed
Paraschakis Olive Oil
Melidoni Geropotamou
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