Paint with Marian Pruijn

Marian began her training in 1986 at the Vrije Academie in Amsterdam, followed by further studies at the Artez Institute of Arts / Fine Art.
She first traveled to Crete in 1992, curious and in search of Minoan art.Her interest in the ancient Greece was aroused during her art education. At that time, she studied Magisterium in Nijmegen.Then she continued her free art studies at the College of Art in Arnhem. Marian is offering painting workshops in Crete since 2012.
Marian says that painting is an intrinsic motivation / the inner need to express herself and teaching art means to find and discover anyone 's individual creative talents.
Marian is offering painting workshops in Crete since 2012.
The reason to offer a painting workshop at Melidoni X Village was on demand of our guests.  I have often been asked if painters can visit Melidoni X Village or if we offer painting courses.   Guests and visitors always enjoyed the peaceful setup, the trimmed garden and the breathtaking view.
OUR PAINTING WORKSHOP IS the most creative way to explore Crete and the Cretan nature. The sceneries are as diverse as the islands nature and climate.  You will be painting in small villages, surrounded by pure nature, next to historical sights and architectural beauty of the Venetian times and you are able to observe the hustle and bustle of the local life.
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Workshop equipment
We highly recommended purchasing the items before arriving in Crete to have a wider choice of products for more value for money
SHOPPING LIST, painting workshop equipment

✓ Winsor & Newton, professional water colors  review product

✓ Arches watercolor block
✓ white | 300 gr/m² | GRAIN FIN | 24 x 32 CM or 32 x 41 CM |
✓ Canson Montval Block
✓ Natural white | 300 GR/M² | GRAIN FIN | 24 x 32 cm or 32 x 41cm |

Acryl paint
✓ Daler Rowney
✓ System 3 Acrylic Paint Sets
✓ 5 x 75ml Code 121 500 925

Watercolor brushes
✓ overview of different brushes  review products
✓ painting brushes materials Imaster I beef I pig I synthetic hair

soft pastel
✓ Jaxell soft pastel
✓ Rembrandt soft pastels
✓ Talens soft pastels

pastel pencils
✓ STABILO CarbOthello   review product

The above products are only suggestions. Please asked at the art supplies store in your region for similar products and assistance to find the right material for YOU.

Art is , a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
Painting is, a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous.
In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action.

Painting and drawing are two very enjoyable activities.
As creative outputs, these are fairly easy to do and wouldn’t require very expensive tools.
One can simply have a pencil or paintbrush and a notebook to begin making his artworks.
Because painting and drawing are very accessible and interesting tasks to perform, many people choose to paint or draw during their free time.
However, more than just being favorite pastimes, there are many health benefits of painting and drawing.


It's never too late to discover your passion for art.
Take a look and review our PAINTING WORKSHOP PROGRAM

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