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Activities in Crete
Crete is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches to high mountains. Melidoni X Village is located about 4 km south of the coast between the northern foothills of the Ida Mountains.The central location of Melidoni provides the ideal base to explore the island and to discover the beaches, towns and countryside of Crete.
Crete in spring, summer and autumn is warm, inviting and very varied. Each season has its own special charm and activities to offer.
Become active and explore the Cretan nature on foot, by bike, on horseback, in or below the sea or book one of the hand-picked seminars for your vacation in Crete.
Local products
We use them, we love them and that's why we recommend them! Handcrafted and handmade products from Crete.
In Crete, the list of local products is endless, olive oil, honey, raki, wine, cheese, herbs, herbal products, jewellery, accessories and weaving products to name only a few. Buy local counts worldwide to support communities but another strong benefit of handcrafted and handmade products is the high quality and the attention to detail.

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