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Explore Crete

If there was a beauty contest for Greek islands, Crete would surely be among the favorites.
Crete (Κρήτη / Kriti ) is the largest of the Greek islands, approximately 260 km long and 60 km wide with a population of approximately 650,000. Crete consists of four prefectures: Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi.
This Island, is not just sun, sea and sand; Crete is a quite distinct place full of vitality, warmth, hospitality, culture and of course an excellent infrastructure.
The island goes from fertile coastal plains to rugged mountains and from busy metropolitan cities to very peaceful hillside villages.
A journey through Crete is also a journey through time.
You can clearly see remnants of Roman and Turkish aqueducts and architecture from when these people invaded the island long ago. It was once the centre of the Minoan civilization (c. 2700–1420 BC), which is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe. Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece, while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry and music).
Finally, getting in touch with the Cretan way of life is an enrichment in today's fast-paced world.