Bike tours in Crete

E-bikes are fun, easy to use and brilliant for people who prefer a power boost up the hills. If you have not been cycling for a few months or are not used to covering so many miles in a single day, driving an e-bike is the perfect solution. The e-bike will help to ensure the you do not overdo it at any stage of the journey. You will still need to pedal your bike but can gain from having a little bit of assistance whenever you need it. With a rechargeable electric motor to power the booster that is fitted to each one, our ebikes are environmentally friendly as well as great fun to ride. We're excited to recommend three beautiful e-bike tours in the area of Rethymnon, close to Melidoni X Village. These tours are fully guided with the option to self-guide if you prefer
Some tours are also available on trekking bikes

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A day with the shepherd

What does a shepherd do the whole day?
He accompanies the sheep. Is that all he does?
Walk with them? Play the flute? Daydream?
A dream job, indeed!
Have you had these kinds of thoughts when you saw sheep/goats dotted around on the landscape…?

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Horse Riding

Exciting beach rides & beautiful countryside
Green hills, goat-tracks, olive groves, beautiful villages and a superb beach to explore Crete on horseback. Saddle up for a unique holiday experience!
Kristy & team - offer exciting beach rides, beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips as well as easy beginner's walks for non-experienced riders.
They daily offer early morning and sunset rides at 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
The stable is located close to the longest sandy beach of Crete, so be ready for some exciting gallops during an advanced beach ride.

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painting workshop in Crete

Our painting workshops are offering endless impulses to explore, develop and boost your painting skills and creativity.
All our painting lessons are held outside in beautiful spots of the Cretan nature.
You will paint in typical Cretan villages, gorges, city alleys, seaside spots and we will always meet the inquiries, wishes and requirements of our students.
Our painting lessons are suitable for beginners as well as experienced painters. Staying at Melidoni X Village is the perfect "creative booster".

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sailing trips in Crete

Catamaran cruise Crete with Lefteris, the captain of the Catamaran in Bali, is sailing now half of his life.
Due to years of practice, he is very experienced and knows well how to look after his customer's needs.
His sense of humour, knowledge of the sea life and sea conditions will give you the chance to experience a beautiful adventure in the Mediterranean sea.

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