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In Nature on a horse

In nature on a horse at Zoraïda's Horse-Riding in Kavros. Kristy, the owner of the stable is one of a kind. She takes great care of every animal on the stable and her joyful spirit will welcome you warmly. Zoraïda's stables offers exciting beach rides, beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips. From hourly rides to full equestrian holiday, always an experience and for many the highlight of their holidays. They daily provide early morning and evening rides at 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

For beginners no experience required, walking speed, guided ride

Guided ride for children • 30min.• 15.00EUR
Every child deserves to get to experience nature on a horse in a safe way, parents are more than welcome to walk or ride along.

Pure nature ride • 1hrs • 30.00EUR
An amazing round-trip exclusively on dirt roads offering fantastic mountain- and sea views.

The Zen ride • 2hrs • 49.00EUR
Welcome to our best-selling green trail. Magnificent scenery offering mountain and sea views. Sunset ride, watch the sunset over the sea.

Magical Kournas lake • 2hrs • 49.00EUR
Unspoiled nature-combining dirt and asphalt roads overlooking the blue-turquoise lake, Crete's only sweet water lake.

Riding & swimming with the horses • 3hrs • 80.00EUR
Get to experience the unique feeling of floating on a swimming horse! When the horses and we are dried up, we will head back to the ranch.Horses dislike waves, so in case of too strong wind, we will swim in the lake, as we always will in the middle of summer.This ride does not include an actual beach ride. E-mail pictures included

Private ride for two• 1hrs at 99.00EUR • 2hrs at 135.00EUR
•Riding & Swimming with the horses at 250.00EUR
•E-mail pictures included

For Intermediate Walking & gentle trotting - min. 1/2 year of regular riding required

Beach ride • 2hrs • 65.00EUR • 07.00 - 09.00 or evening sunset ride
A fantastic 7 km long beach ride - 30 min. walking to the beach through greenery and the village outskirts will give you the chance to connect to your horse and to properly warm up its legs. Email pictures included
Private beach ride for 2 persons • 220.00EUR

The Olive Trail • 90min • 50.00EUR • 08.00 - 09.30 or in the evening
Join our panoramic round-trip along olive groves and lush nature. With 88% dirt roads and reaching a height of 100 m above the sea level, this trail enjoys a magnificent scenery offering mountain and sea view.

For Advanced Walking, trotting & slow galloping - min. 2 years riding, +12 years old

Beach ride • 2hrs • 70.00EUR • 07.00 - 09.00 or evening sunset ride
Get ready for some exciting canters during an actual 8.5 km long beach ride. An unforgettable experience! Email pictures included

Kournas-Woods Country ride• 2hrs • 65.00EUR • 08.00 - 10.15 or 17.30 - 19.45
Those who are used to riding in the outdoors and enjoy a more intriguing country ride will love this 2+h trail in the wooded and partly shady area around the traditional village of Kournas at an altitude of 200 meters in the foothills of Mount Dafnomadara.

For intermediate & advanced riders separate groups

Kournas Lake mini-safari • 3hrs  • 80.00EUR  • 07:30 - 10:30 or after 17:00  
Perfect for those who adore riding through the unspoiled Cretan countryside, mainly over dirt roads and along olive groves. The turquoise colours and the surrounding mountains guarantee you an absolutely amazing view. Short drinking-stop at the lake itself, soft-drink included.

extended beach ride & swimming with horses • 3hrs • 99.00EUR • 06.30 - 09.30
This is an extended beach ride of 10 km combined with swimming with horses. Leaving this early in the morning guarantees an almost empty beach to ride on and a very mild sunshine. The ride itself will be on saddled horses, swimming bareback. Experience the unique sensation of floating on a swimming horse! Once we and the horses are dried off, we will re-saddle and continue our ride back home.Email pictures included
Private Cool Ride for 2 persons  • 295.00EUR

Day trip to the evergreen spring village • 6 riding hours • 185.00EUR including lunch • 09.00 - 18.00
Riding mainly on unspoiled dirt tracks through wooded areas and along olive grove. Argiroupolis is well known for its various water springs and lush greenery all year around. A delicious lunch will be served in a tavern amid the water springs, while our horses will enjoy their lunch and siesta in the shade.During the lunch break, we will go for a little stroll in this unique and lush place before heading to upper Argiroupolis and explore its historical importance. We will also visit the Chapel of the Five Virgins, the excavations around the chapel and the 2000-year-old Plane tree. Heading home through greenery and traditional villages, we will ride along a secret Cretan hiding place dating from the Turkish war.