Cretan diet

As international interest grows in the nutritional habits of the peoples of the world, the benefits of the Greek diet are increasingly evident.
Throughout the ages Greek cuisine has maintained is frugality, relying mainly on local produce rather than imports.
The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid At the base of the Mediterranean diet are the complex carbohydrates (cereals, bread and pasta), which together with fresh fruits, vegetables and greens constitute 60% of the diet.
Pulses and nuts add another 15%, olive oil, olives and dairy products 7%. Fish and seafood add 5%, poultry and eggs 3%. Finally meat, sweets and red wine contribute a mere 1% each.

Food education in Axos

In this region, in the village of Axos that has been inhabited for over 4.000 years, in an area of 60.000 m2 the Enagron Ecotourism Village has been created.
Here olive trees, grapevine, all kinds of fruit trees, greens, vegetables and many herbs and aromatic plants with mild, natural and organic methods are grown without fertilizers and chemicals. Our farm has also many animals and poultry for eggs, milk and meat.
The people who work in the farm are all farmers who were born and raised in the area applying techniques, which go centuries back.
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