About us

During the summer of 2005 the first rough draft was drawn and as soon as the idea was visible on papers the journey began.
Upon the little hill just outside of Melidoni Village 20.000sqm land received a makeover in 2008.
Rocks were cracked, land was straightened and old trees were carefully saved and put in spotlight. By the summer of 2009 five independent Villas, 12.000sqm planted garden area and a main house with restaurant and reception facility were built.
The use of natural stone and descend colours for all paint works made the whole place blend into the environment.

The company name gives the first hint about who is behind Melidoni X Village.
Melidoni,  the area
X , Ch in the Latin alphabet, Chonianakis the family name
Village,   a village inside a Village

They family tree starts in the Village of Melidoni with a long and bright history.
The family’s roots and upbringing gave way for traditional building and decor.
After the last stone was set and the doors were open a stranger from Berlin, Germany arrived to support the team with the knowledge of years in the Hotel industry.
The team of Melidoni X Village not only combines three generations together but it’s also a “quality cocktail “ with the taste of expertise, passion & traditional virtues and an extra portion of team work.

Crete, Melidoni , Melidoni X Village

When you support small business you are supporting a dream